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Digital Activators cc owns and operates JustPlay - a South African prize draw website that is governed by the Terms and Conditions described below as well as the JustPlay Privacy Policy

In addition to these terms and conditions there may be special conditions associated with individual prize draws - you'll find a link describing these on each prize.

These terms and conditions of use ("Terms") regulate access to and use of this website (the "Website") and any customer profile created by you arising out of your use of the Website.

Please note that these Terms are valid, binding and enforceable against all persons that access and/or use this Website.

By using any part of the Website or by clicking a box that states that you accept or agree to those Terms, you signify your agreement to these terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Website.

JustPlay reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend and/or replace any of, or the whole of, the Terms. Such amendments shall supersede and replace any previous Terms and shall be made available on the Website. Each time you access the Website, you are deemed to have consented, by such access, to the Terms, as amended and/or replaced by JustPlay from time to time.

In the event of a dispute as to the content of the Terms at any time, a certificate signed by the administrator responsible for maintaining the Website shall be prima facie proof of the date of publication and content of the current version and all previous versions of the Terms.

These Terms set forth the entire understanding and agreement between you and JustPlay with respect to the subject matter hereof.

You shall not be entitled to cede, assign, and/or delegate your rights and/or obligations in terms of these Terms to any third party without the prior written consent of JustPlay.

If any provision of these Terms is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be struck out from these Terms and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.

JustPlay's failure to act with respect to a breach by you or others does not constitute a waiver of JustPlay's right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches.

The expiration or termination of these Terms shall not affect such of the provisions of these Terms as expressly provide that they shall operate after any such expiration or termination or which of necessity must continue to have effect after such expiration or termination, notwithstanding that the clauses themselves do not expressly provide for this.

If you believe that you are entitled or obligated to act contrary to this Agreement under any mandatory law, you agree to provide us with detailed and substantiated explanation of your reasons in writing at least 30 days before you act contrary to this Agreement, to allow us to assess whether we may, at our sole discretion, provide an alternative remedy for the situation, though we are under no obligation to do so.


JustPlay is open to individuals who have a South African identity number, who are 18 years or older and are currently living in South Africa.

Permitted use

You may not yourself, or through a third party -

User warranty and indemnity

You hereby unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify JustPlay, its affiliated companies, its officers, agents, directors and employees and agree to hold JustPlay free from all loss, damages, claims and/or costs, of whatsoever nature suffered or incurred by JustPlay or instituted against JustPlay for infringement of any right, whether the claim or action arises from delict or contract, or any infringement of whatsoever nature, arising out of or pursuant to the exercise by you of your rights or the fulfilment or breach by you of any of you obligations under these Terms or any other requirements that JustPlay may impose from time to time, including, without limitation, all loss, damages, claims and/or costs suffered or incurred by JustPlay or instituted against JustPlay as a direct or indirect result of your use of the Website, and such indemnity shall extend to the reasonable costs that may be incurred by JustPlay in defending any action instituted against it.

Registration and Activation Member Privacy Protection

You are protected by the JustPlay Privacy Policy. This terms and conditions statement includes the terms of the Privacy Policy published on the JustPlay website and updated from time to time.

Content of the Website

JustPlay reserves the right to make improvements to, change or to discontinue, without notice, any aspect or feature of the Website and any information or content on the Website.

JustPlay does not make any representations or give any warranties, whether express or implied, in respect of the applications and/or any information, data and/or content provided on this Website, including without limitation, any representations or warranties:

VIP Membership

By subscribing to the VIP membership you accept or agree to the terms of the VIP membership, you signify your agreement to these terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not subscribe to the VIP membership. To be eligible to use the VIP Service, you must meet the following criteria and represent and warrant that you:

You further agree to: Entry into Prize Draws Referral Service Questionnaire Sponsor Offers Prize Guarantee, Availability and Quality Prize Draw Winner Selection and Notification Prize Draw Winner Verification Prize Delivery Closing your Account Deleting of your Account

We reserve the right to delete any account for any of the following reasons:

Once your account is deleted, all previous entries and information will be permanently erased with no option of logging in or registering again.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

Your use of the Website and/or your customer profile is entirely at your own risk and you assume full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from the use thereof. JustPlay does not accept liability that may arise in connection with your the uploading, reproduction, display, use, distribution or sharing by a user of his/her customer profile.

Neither JustPlay, its affiliates, shareholders, directors, agents, consultants or employees shall be liable for any damages whatsoever, including without limitation any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, howsoever arising (whether in an action arising out of contract, statute, delict or otherwise) related to the access to and/or use of, or the inability to access or use, the Website, any personalised item and/or any linked website, the content thereof, any functionality thereof or information contained therein, even if JustPlay knows or should reasonably have known or is expressly advised thereof

General Compliance with Laws

You shall comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations pertaining to your access to and/or use of this Website, and/or use of your customer profile, or any part of these, and/or your posting of content and material (including text, files, images and photographs).

This Website is controlled, operated and administered by JustPlay from its offices within the Republic of South Africa. JustPlay makes no representations that the content of the Website is appropriate or available for use in the locations or countries. Access to the Website from territories or countries where the content of the Website is illegal is prohibited. You may not use this Website in violation of South African export laws and regulations. If you access this Website from locations outside of South Africa, you are responsible for compliance with all local laws.

You consent to be bound by the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of South Africa.


Except as explicitly stated otherwise, any notices shall be given by email to Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, a written notice or communication actually received by a party shall be an adequate written notice or communication to it, notwithstanding that it was not sent to or delivered at its chosen address/es for that purpose.

Notice shall be deemed given 48 (forty eight) hours after email is sent, unless the sending party is notified that the email address is invalid.

You acknowledge that all agreements, notices or other communication required to be given in terms of the law or these Terms may be given via electronic means and that such communications shall be "in writing".

Changes to this Terms and Conditions statement

Digital Activators cc - owner and operator of JustPlay - will occasionally update these Terms and Conditions. When we do, we'll also revise the "last updated" date at the top and bottom of the Terms and Conditions Statement.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding this Terms and Conditions Statement please contact JustPlay via email: General Contact:, Support queries: